Key Coffee, over 100 years old and one of Japan’s oldest coffee roasters, is synonymous with Kissatens (キッサ) – Japan’s traditional coffee shops that started during the Jazz age. Kissatens have been serving Key Coffee as early as the 1920s alongside a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Kissaten in Japan which introduced nuanced hand-poured brewing techniques inspired the early Third Wave coffee shops outside Japan to develop their own specialty brewing standards. The Japanese attention to detail and unique craftsmanship in the art of brewing that was once only found in Japanese Kissa shops is now the norm in all specialty coffee played in coffee culture and history, continuously sharing its passion for coffee since 1920.

With over 100 years in existence since 1920, Key Coffee is one of Japan’s oldest and most respected coffee brands, having first paved the way to introducing the love of coffee to the Japanese.

Long before the recent trend of “third wave” coffee culture, Key Coffee has already been serious in its guiding philosophy that having passion for the best tasting coffee comes from maximizing quality from the beginning to end of the production process. Key Coffee strives to ensure the best coffee is produced by employing decades-long expertise alongside the very best in Japanese coffee technology.


Kissaten is an old-style Japanese coffee shop that was inspired by traditional tea houses. It was a place popular with students and businessmen back in the 1920s-1980s. It has a familiar yet distinct vintage look of red velvet seats, old coffee grinders and cups, low-light fixtures, and other antiques. A place that offers hand-drip quality coffee and plays classic jazz music to luxuriously listen to. It creates a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere that provides a space to enjoy your own company, as well as a place to meet and socialize.


Monday – Closed
Tuesday to Friday – 9:00AM to 10:00AM

8th Ave Corner 36 St. Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC, Taguig



(02) 654-5159 Local 101
Boosterfoods Inc., 10 Evangelista Avenue Santolan, Pasig City, 1610