Key Coffee “Toraja Blend” 200g Whole Coffee Beans Live Pack


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Key Coffee “Toraja Blend” 200g Whole Coffee Beans Live Pack


Key Coffee’s top-of-the-line coffee blend, the Toarco Toraja. Sourced from the high mountains of Sulawesi. 100% Medium-roasted Arabica coffee beans from Indonesia. Gives off a complex note of jasmine and citrus-like taste, with hints of caramel and fresh herbs. Full-bodied flavor with sweet overtones.


Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Citrus, Caramel, Fresh Herbs

Coffee Bean Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia


What is Toarco Toraja?

  • So called, “The Masterpiece of Celebes”, by the European Royalty during the 18th century
  • The mountain’s weak acidic soil, annual rainfall, and big temperature spikes between day and night are suitable for growing coffee beans, making them firm with a rich aroma and great flavor.



100% Medium Roasted WHOLE Arabica Coffee Beans ( 200 grams )