Key Coffee “Special Blend” 200g Whole Beans Live Pack


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Key Coffee “Special Blend” 200g Whole Beans Live Pack


Key Coffee’s signature, award-winning blend. 3-star recipient of the iTQi Superior Taste Award. 100% Medium-Roasted Arabica coffee beans sourced from Colombia and Brazil. Has the perfect balance of bitterness and acidity, highlighting the nutty, cocoa, and fruity notes with every sip.


Tasting Notes: Nutty, Cocoa, Fresh Herbs
Coffee Bean Origin: Brazil and Colombia


What is iTQi?

  • International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) is a group of leading Chefs and Sommeliers
  • A 3-star award recipient has at least secured 90% of total marks during the screening



100% Medium Roasted WHOLE Arabica Coffee Beans ( 200 grams )