Key Coffee “Organic Blend” 180g Whole Coffee Beans Live Pack


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Key Coffee “Organic Blend” 180g Whole Coffee Beans Live Pack


100% Medium-roasted ORGANIC Arabica coffee beans from Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia. Coffee organically grown only in plantations that do not use any kind of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Organic and natural, it brings out the coffee’s truest taste: notes of Jasmine, with hints of apple, dried fruits, and maple syrup.


Tasting Notes: Jasmine Tea, Apple, Dried, Maple Syrup

Coffee Bean Origin: Peru, Colombia, and Ethiopia


What’s special about Organically Grown Coffee:

  • Organically Grown Coffee are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which boosts the immune system
  • Usage of organic compounds in growing the coffee changes the flavor that is produced due to the different nutrients found in organic fertilizers



100% Medium Roasted WHOLE Arabica Coffee Beans ( 200 grams )