Key Coffee Glass Coffee Server 500ml ( 2 ~ 4 cups )


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Key Coffee Glass Coffee Server 500ml ( 2 ~ 4 cups )


Designed to serve coffee easily with its rounded torso and a large ergonomic handle. The glass material used in the coffee server is made out of heat resistant glass that can be used in a microwave.


Handling Precautions


  1. It cannot be used in direct fire / oven.
  2. Quick quenching of glass coffee server may cause breakage.
  3. Do not heat above 120℃
  4. Do not heat coffee server in microwave while empty
  5. When cleaning, please do not use scrubber containing scrubbing agent, metal scrubbing or cleanser. Glass coffee server may be scratched and it may cause damage.
  6. Glass is easy to break. Please handle it carefully when washing or using it.
  7. Please do not use it other than use classification.
  8. You can use it in dishwasher / dryer.