Key Coffee Drip On Kilimanjaro Blend 10s [NEW ARRIVAL]


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Key Coffee Drip On Kilimanjaro Blend 10s

● Each sachet contains one Drip On bag that’s filled with premium blend of coffee cultivated in Tanzania, which is known as “Kilimanjaro”, the highest peak on the African Continent

● Upon opening each sachet, you’ll experience a burst of aroma that’s similar to a cafe’s ambiance

● You can enjoy the high-quality acidity, richness, crisp, refreshing finish created by cultivating beans in high-altitude areas.

● You won’t even need a machine to brew each Drip On bag, just boiled water and cup and you’re all set!

● Made in Japan

● Key Coffee Inc. 2-34-4 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-8705, Japan

● Distributed by: Boosterfoods, Inc.