Key Coffee DRIP ON Mocha Blend 10s


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Key Coffee DRIP ON Mocha Blend 10s


100% Medium-Roasted Arabica coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia. Well-known for its floral aroma and berry-like taste, rounded off with a hint of honey. Every sip is vibrant and sweet, and delightfully fruity.


Tasting Notes: Floral, Berries, Honey

Coffee Bean Origin: Ethiopia


What is Mocha Coffee?

  • Often mistaken as a mixed drink of chocolate and coffee.
    Mocha is actually the name of coffee beans natively grown in MOCHA, Yemen.
  • MOCHA BEANS are known for their distinct sweet flavor and floral aroma.



10 x 8g coffee DRIP ON Filter Bags

100% Medium Roasted Ground Arabica Coffee